I am the inventor of brain algorithms that make it possible to simulate functions of human brain. Applying my brain algorithms onto the machines, the truly intelligent machines will be created. Humanity has been looking for artificial general intelligence for very long time.
Now for the first time in history it becomes reality. Do not believe the media that artificial intelligence is impossible, that we are decades away from it. It is all lies! Artificial General Intelligence exists right now, right here. No more expensive research and development are needed.
No one else on this planet knows how human brain works. I do. I know how to build intelligent robots, that walk, see, hear and learn, machines that behave like humans. My software is ready for use in the industry and society.
This invention is being announced since 2016!
If you are robotic/hardware/software/... company, investor or want to participate on my project, contact me
Dr. Zdenek Moravcik, inventor  
You will find more about my invention and its merits on my blog http://blog.moravcik.info